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convenient stairlift rental for any duration

Temporary disability? Rent a stairlift for as long as you need it, at a competitive price.

Midlands Stairlifts provide a complete stairlift rental service. Including the installation, 24 hour call-outs for repairs or maintenance, and a hassle-free removal when you no longer need it, we can offer a simpler, cost-effective service for people in need of a temporary stairlift mobility solution.

With no fixed-term contract or minimum stairlift rental timeframe we aim to take the pressure out of choosing a rental service. Simply pay over time at a fixed rate and keep it for as long as you need, with no additional costs or hidden fees!

Our large selection of new and reconditioned stairlifts include the latest models in a range of styles, including straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts and even our trusted handicare stairlift models. Don’t worry about choosing one that’s right for you; our expert installation team are on-hand to help you pick one that’s perfectly suited to your needs and your home.

Suitable for both short-term and long-term uses, the stairlift cost of our rental options starts from as little as just £400, making them an excellent choice for people who don’t want to invest in a permanent stair lift installation.

  • Quick & easy installation

  • No structural changes to your home necessary

  • All work and products fully guaranteed

  • 24-hour call-out repairs available

Free consultation & Home Assessment

Find the ideal stairlift to rent

When you decide stairlift hire is the option for you, our experts can carry out a free home assessment to see what kind of staircase you have for your new lift.

No structural work is required for our stairlift installations, so once you’re done with it, your home will look exactly the same as it did before.

We can provide stairlift hire across Nottingham, Derby, Burton upon Trent, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Easy stairlifts rental service with us. You can chooose from a wide range of lifts available to you

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A perch seat stairlift is great for helping those with limited hip movement. No need to get up and down off a seated stairlift


Why a temporary stairlift rental could be the right choice for you

If you’ve recently had an operation that affects your mobility, are temporarily taking medication that makes you drowsy and prone to falls, or are suffering from a temporary illness that affects your stamina, joints, pain or any other factors that can prevent you from safely ascending and descending your staircase, having a stairlift briefly installed on your property can help you get back on track while you recover.

Similarly, if someone you know such as a friend or relative is staying at your property and has a disability or illness that limits their movement, you can use our stairlift rental service to help accommodate them during their visit.

If you don’t have a lot of money in the short term for a permanent installation, are living in a rental property and can’t cause any damage to the structure and construction of the house, or if you’re just deciding whether a stairlift is the right solution for you, a short-term rental service may be the next best step to aid your daily life until you can get a permanent stairlift installed.

Whether it’s for the cost-effectiveness, practicality or ease, there are many reasons a professionally installed stairlift rental can be the perfect choice for you and your properties needs.

  • Quick & easy installation

  • No structural changes to your home necessary

  • All work and products fully guaranteed

  • 24-hour call-out repairs available